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A primer is simply the device responsible for initiating the propellant combustion that will push the projectiles out of the gun barrel. Primers are a key ammunition reloading component. They are needed to ignite the powder charge.

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Reloading your own ammunition can be a rewarding and cost-effective hobby for gun enthusiasts. And when it comes to reloading, having high-quality primers is essential for achieving consistent and reliable results. That's why we offer a wide selection of reloading primers for sale, so you can create custom ammunition that meets your exact specifications.
Our selection of reloading primers includes options for both small and large rifle and pistol cartridges. We carry primers from top brands like CCI, Federal, and Winchester, so you can trust that you're getting a reliable product every time. And with our competitive prices, you can stock up on primers without breaking the bank.
When it comes to choosing the right primer for your needs, there are a few factors to consider. The size and type of primer will depend on the specific cartridge you're reloading, so it's important to choose a primer that's appropriate for your application. Our knowledgeable staff can help you choose the right primer for your needs, whether you're reloading for competition shooting or just for fun.
At our store, we're passionate about helping gun enthusiasts create custom ammunition that meets their exact needs. That's why we offer a wide selection of reloading primers for sale, along with expert advice and guidance to help you get the most out of your reloading setup. Shop our collection today and take your reloading game to the next level!

How to Stay Safe When Working with Primers

  • Make sure the primer is properly seated in the casing – so that it’s not jutting out past the cartridge or inserted so deeply that it may misfire.
  • Only work with one type of primer at a time – this will help to prevent mix-ups.
  • Always wear eye protection when reloading – this precaution could save your vision in the event that a primer ignites during the reloading process.

Primer Cautions

There are many reasons not to use the wrong primer. A rifle primer has a different formula than the handgun type because it ignites more powder over a longer period of time. Like any reloading chore, priming must be done correctly in order to have safe and reliable ammo.